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Download Widsmob Heic-The All-in-One Heic Manager to View Heic Image, Change Size and Rotate Heic Files.

Widsmob Heic:

Widsmob Heic is the all-in-toe heic manager to view Heic Image, Change Heic File Size and Rotation, and Convert Heic Image to Jpeg, PNG, BMP and TIFF FORMAT. Supports Heic, Heif, Heics and Heifs Formats. EVEN IF YOU HAVE Heic Files that Contain Multiple Images in One File, Such AS Live Photos, Animated Sequences and Continous Screenshots, You Can View the Heic Image Scitcher. Offers Two Different Viewing Modes: You Can View Small Images by Default or Full Image with A Double-Click.

Download WidsMob HEIC heic

Convert Heic to GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, ETC. For Live Photos, Dynamic Sequences and Continous Screenshots, You CanSfer The Image to a GIF Format. IT ALSO Allows You to Refine Image Quality, Preserv Metadata, and Overwrite Files with the Same Name. YOU CAN Select Selected Heic Files or Images in the Bulk Process.

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ALSO SUpports Heic Camera Taken from iPad in a Bulk Process, Such AS Left, Right and 180 Degree Rotation. IF YOU NEED THE SAME IMAGES In Different Formats, Such as Heic and Jpeg, The Bulk Renaming Function Allings You to Add The Corresponting Prefix, Suffix, New Name Or Template.

Widsmob Heic features:

  • Simple Interface Allows You to Browse Heic Images in the Form of A Small Form.
  • See Before Real Time to Manage The Heic Image and Eliminate Unwanted Images.
  • Adds and Customizes Blurred Images for Heic Images with Different Parameters.
  • Changes Heic Image Size in Width, Height, Image or Adjusts Resolution in Inches or Pixels.
  • Easily Rotate a Series of Heic Images Left, Right Or 180 Degrees.
  • Save Heic Image At Its Best.
  • Transform Heic Images Into JPEG, TIFF, BTP, BMP GIF Format.
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