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Download Stablebit Drivepool 2 – A Modern Disk Mergin Application with File Copying, Combining Multiple Phyves Drives Into Large Virtual Drive

Stablebit Drivepool OverView – Windows Disk Drive Pooling

Stablebit Drivepool:

Stablebit Drivepool IS A Modern Disk Joining Application with File Cloning, Which Combines Multiple Phyvesel Drives Into Large Virtual Drive to Storeything In Standard NTFS (Or refs) Files Files Files. Allows You to Specify Any Folder As a CloneD Folder. In the Event of A Drive Failure, Duplicate Files Are Safe.

Easily Select. Speed Up Your Team by Plating Performance-Sensitive Files on SSD Drives. Combining Stablebit Drivepool with Stablebit Clouddrive, Multiple Cloud Storage Providers in Large Encrypted Pool. Create Hybrid Local/Cloud Groups Where Some Data Is Stored Locally and Some in the Cloud.

Stablebit Drivepool OverView – Windows Disk Drive Pooling

Features of Stablebit Drivepool

  • Combines Multiple Physical Hard Drives Into Large Virtual Drive. Store Erything in Standard NTFS (Or Refs) Files.
  • Monitor Device Health and Activity with a Real-Time Interactive Dashboard.
  • Receive a notification as Soon as someting gos wrong.
  • Browse Historical Statistics and Monitor Incoming Metrics in Real Time.
  • Synchronization of App settings.
  • Creating Storage Groups from Other Storage Groups.
  • Support for Light and Dark Themes.
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