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Download Stablebit Clouddrive – A Software that Helps You Mount a Cloud Drive On Windows, Supports Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure

Download StableBit CloudDrive stablebit

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Stablebit Clouddrive:

Stablebit Clouddrive

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Stablebit Clouddrive Features

  • Cloud Storage Helps Keep Data More Secure and IS Also Cheaper than Buying a Hard Drive and Storing Data On IT.
  • Data is ImmediaTely Encrypted as it is was written to the cloud drive.
  • Data Remains Fully Encrypted Until Read from the Cloud Drive.
  • Data Is Never Stored Unencrypted, Either on the Local Hard Drive Or in the Cloud.
  • Only You have a unique key that Can Access Your Data.
  • Stablebit CloudDrive Uses Low-Lowel Kernel-Based Encryption for Maximum Performance and Full Support for Round-Traip Encryption.
  • Uses The Industry Standard AES-256 CBC to Encrypt Data bit by bit.
  • To Protect Data from Loss or Damage in the Cloud, Stablebit CloudDrive Can Store Data Twice in A Storage Provider for Redundance.
  • Clone The Most Important Parts of a Cloud Drive to Protect it from Loss Or Damage in the Cloud.
  • Stablebit Clouddrive Analyzes The Disk Layout and File System to Separate the Most Important Data Structures, Such as Main File Table and Directory Index.
  • DOES not Clone Entire Hard Drive, But Still Provides Data Corruption Protection for Most Important Drive Structures.
  • Support for Light and Dark Themes.
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