Download Smooth Boolean v2.02 for 3ds Max

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Download Smooth Boolean V2 – A Plugin for 3DS Max to Create Smooth Transition BetWeen Proboolean Grid, Easier and Faster

Download Smooth Boolean v2.02 for 3ds Max smooth


Smooth boolean:

Smooth boolean IS A Plugin for 3DS MAX for A Smooth Transition Between Proboolean Grid. No Need for Hours to Clean Up Chaotic Interconnected Structures Creed with Boolean Cuts. IF YOU JUST YOUR 3D MODEL to look good at the end or you need to pre-Prepare someting for the game, then you doc. This Plugin is a Tool That Changes The Current Modeling Game in 3DS MAX.

Changes in V2 Version:

  • Lowpoly Mesh Management
  • Better Management of Meshes of Different Resolutions
  • 15-20% Faster Resolution
  • SBSMOOTHBRIDGE MODIRE to CREATE AAMLESS BRIDGE BETWEEN 2 Open Edgeloops with An Unven Number of Edges
  • SBNORMALMAP Modifier to Restore Explicit Smooth Normals on the Modified Smoothbolean Object
  • Better Selection of Strips
  • Easier Debuging (Display of Problematic Parts of the Mesh, Warning of Overlapping Stripes, Highlighting of Unselected Stripes)
  • Saving & Restoring Strip Settings After Switching to Proboolean
  • Change the Resolution of the Strips
  • Cleaner Output Meshes
  • Many Bugs Fixed.
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Download Smooth Boolean v2.02 for 3ds Max
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