Download Smartrefs 1.06.07 for 3ds Max

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Download Smartrefs – A New External Reference Plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max with The Ability to Edit and Animate Images for Objects.


Smart References IS ANW IMPROVED EXTERNAL Reference Plugin for Autodesk 3DS MAX. With this tool, you can referentance External Files, But Retain the Ability to Edit and Anmate Objects from that Reference, Similar to Autodesk Maya References, But With An Even More Advanced Level.

With An External Reference, Multiple Resources Can Be Used in Different Scenes, All Interconnected with Each Other. For example, if you have a character you can use it in 10 different Scenes with a different animation in Each Scene; IF YOUNED To Edit that Character You Can Only Do Once in the Character’s Source File and the Changes are Automaticly Updated.

Smartrefs Allows The Use of Proxy Scenes. It is Very Useful for Animators; An Animator Can Havy A Very Simple Environment in His Scene, So Loading and Saving are Faster. This Can Be a Huge Saver if the Environment Has Hundreds of Models and Textures. The Final Environment with Detailed Models and Textures Will Be Rendered Normallly At Render Time.

Download Smartrefs 1.06.07 for 3ds Max smartrefs

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Smartrefs features

  • Reference EXTernal 3DS MAX Files with Any Type of Object.
  • Modify Reference Objects in the Main Scene in Any Way, Even Animating Them.
  • Updates Changes Made to Reference Files. Changes Made Locally Are Retained.
  • A character with the rig can be referenced and animated in the main scene.
  • A character with Biped or CAT CAN BE RefereNced and Animated in the Main Scene.
  • Animation Controllers Can BE Edited, AdDed or Removed. No Need to Freeze Transformations in Order to Animate the Reference. When Reloading the Reference, The Modified Controllers Will Keep the Animations, While the Other Controllers Will Update the Changes Made in the Reference Source Files.
  • Forms Can BE Edited, Added Or Removed in the Main Scene.
  • Materials can be edited, Assigned or RemoD from Objects.
  • You can have a reference Scene for Reference Only and Use it in Any Number of Scenes.
  • Hierarchies Can be Edited in Master and Reference Files; Changes Will Be Updated in Master Scenes. Very Useful for Making Changes to Cheat Characters.
  • You can have a proxy of the entire reference Scene.
  • Only The Edited Data Will Be Kept in the Main Scene, Keeping the Scenes As Light as Possible
  • Alternatively, Reference Objects Can Be Saved in the Main Scene, So that Files Can Be Shared More Easily Without The Hassle of Finding and Sending Different Files. When Reference Files Are Available, They Can Beomatically Updated in the Main Scene.
  • References Can Be Nested According to Your Needs.
  • Compatible with The Most Popular Tools Used with 3ds Max Today Such as Vray and Other Plugins.
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Download Smartrefs 1.06.07 for 3ds Max
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