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Download .Net Reactor 6 – A Robust Code Protection and Software Licensing System for Software Written for the .Net Structure

.Net Reactor:

.Net Reactor IS A PowerFul Code Protection and Software Licensing System for Software Written for the Work Environment .Net Framework and Supports All The Languages That Generate . Net. When Compiling a Program Written for the Microsoft System .Net, The Program Provided to Users is not Compiled ATO ANATIVE EXECUTBLE, BUT IS Instead Into Someting Called Instructions. Common Intermediate Language (Cil).

CIL Lies Somewhere Between Source Code and Native Code, and is interpreted by the .NET WHEN THE PROGRAM RUNS, InstEAD of Running Directly as Machine Code. In this way, The Source Code of Your Application Or Library Can Be Copied Easily. Tools Such as .Net Reflector Can Regeneate Source Code from A Compiled File .Net in Seconds and in the .Net Language of Your Choice! Obviously, Commercial Software Distributed to End Users Without Form of Protection Is Very Prone to Piracy and Intellectual Property Theft.

.Net Reactor Deobfuscator Full Options Showcase

Features of .Net Reactor

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights:

  • Encryption Protection.
  • Generate NATIVE CODE
  • Code virtualization
  • Hidden Method Calls
  • Anti-debuging
  • Protects Applications and Complete Libraries (DLL)

PowerFul Licensing System:

  • Create Trial Versions of the Software
  • SET An Expiration Date
  • Limit Use to a Fixed Number of Days after Installation
  • Limited by the Number of Uses
  • Limit Usage To No More than a Certain Number of Minutes Per Call
  • Limited Trial Version Function
  • Easily Transform The Trial Version Into A Fully License Version
  • Clean Up Software.
Download .NET Reactor 6.9.0 reactor

Software Development Kit

  • Integrates License Checking to Assemble and Extend Licenses
  • Extend Licensing Capabilites with Custom Extensions.
  • Deployment and Creation .Single-File Net Core Application Packages
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