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Download Adobe Air 33 – An Integrated From Adobe for Browser -Independent Applications.

Adobe Air:

Adobe Air IS an Integrated Solution From Adobe for Creating Browser -independent Applications. Using Air, Developers Can Write Their Applications in Many Different Languages, Suchh AS HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Flex, And … and not lave to work ABOUT THE DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM, Their Program can be installed ony operating system that can atall air. Face as Well. Because The Program Is Not Tied to Browser Binding, It Works More Independently and Can Do Web Developers Can do with A Lot of Difficulty. Adobe Air is the Core Component of Adobe’s Flash Platform, Which Means that Programmer Cance All the Possibilites Offorded BYTENATENALECHEN.

Adobe Air – Create Applications

The Application Running On Air is Available On All Windows, Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Other Platforms. . Of course, this readers the deployment of the technology adobe has done a lot to act this goal and so far has taken the plunge.

Download and install Adobe Air

Currently, SOME LARGE Software Companies Use Adobe Air’s Function for Service Providers and Their Services. This is in Addition to the Flexibility of the Environment this High Security. Using Air, BecAuse of Its Strong Structure, Is a Good Choice for Those Who Significant Concerns About the Security of Program Implementation. All Programs Running on the BackGround Atmosphere Required to Have Electronic Signatures, So When You Run The Program, The Requered Certification, Suchh AS Program Creation, ETC, ETC, ETC., Will Be Required. And, If Valid, The Program Is Run.

System Requirements Compatible with Adobe Air:

  • X86-Compatible Processor Speed at 2.33 GHZ or Faster Or Intel Atom ™ 1 Processor.6 GHZ or FASTER THE NETBOOK-CLASS DEVICE.
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Classic Or Windows 10.
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB Recommoded)
  • Air Development SDK Supports Microsoft® Windows 7 and Higher, 64-bit only .

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