Your Calendar Widget 1.59.0 APK Pro Version

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Your Calendar Widget Pro V1 44 0 Pro apk free download 2020

Download your calendar widget apk (free) – a widget that canò be used on the homescreen, lockscreen and notification bar


Your Calendar Widgetè a #39; App that Experience in Customizable Calendar Widget for Android Devices. L #39; Application Alows Users to View Their Upcoming Events and Deplepintments Directly from Their Device's Home Screen. Show Upcoming Events. È Can easily configure and adapt the widget to your needes. Each Widget Has Its Own Configuration. Allaws you to have different widgets with different calendar and display settings.

Features of your calendar widget apk

  • The widget canò be used on homecreen, lockscreen and in the notification bar
  • Each Widget Has Its Own Configuration
  • Show Your Contacts' Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Show Your Activitiesà Google's
  • Different appearance for Current, Present, Future and Subsequent Events
  • List of Events and Monthly Calendar in One Widget
  • Identify Your Upcoming Events Super Easy with the Event Timeline
  • Method of Agenda, Online Agenda and Simple Display
  • Highly Confiscable: Almost Every Element Canò Be Customized
  • Predefined Themes
  • Disable Scrolling of the #39; List so you can use launcher Gestures While Youè on the widget
  • Dynamic Resizing of the #39; Entire widget
  • Choose Which Calendars Shound Be Dysplayed in the widget
  • Set the Perfect in Which to Search for Events
  • Set The Maximum Number of Events to Display
  • Notifications
Your Calendar Widget 1.59.0 APK Pro Version widget

Your Calendar Widget Pro V1 44 0 Pro apk free download 2020

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