Download ZMover 8.13 Build 21278

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Download Zmover 8 – Manags Desktop Layouts by Allowing Users to Set The Size, Position and Layernation of Application Windows


Zmover Helps Manage Desktop Layouts by Allowing You to Set the Size, Position and Layering of Application Windows. Inst, Wasting Time Rearranging Windows On a Single Display Or Multiple Monitors, You Can Configure Zmover to the Job Youraself. Simply Tell Zmover Which Windows You Want To Change and How, and The Hide the Program and Leave It Active in the BackRound. Zmover Monitors The Desktop and Automaticallly Reposites, Resizes or Selection Window Below or ABOVE OTHERS WHEN THEY ARA OPENED.

Zmover – Management Application On Windows

Download ZMover 8.13 Build 21278 zmover

Zmover Makes It Easy to Manage Windows Across a Number of Screens. The Number of Applications Lacks Support for Multiple Screens and Increase Space Is Provided by the Set as Making Screen Layut Optimization Maintenance Becomes More Diffificult. Zmover Eliminates these Difficulties with the Ability to Define The Window Layout for the Configuration Screen.

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Zmover Has A Toolbox with Intuitive Visualization and Controls to Easily Rearrange Windows Ony Screen. You can also save the location icon on your screen for Each Screen Configuration and Restore Them Later IF THEY ARA RESHUFFFLED. Support Hotkeys Are Provided to Performations When The Touch Key, Even When Zmover Is Hidden, Including the Ability to Send the Cursor to Any Screen.

Zmover Stores The User’s Options in a Small Mobile File. It is easy to determine a computer’s desktop Layout and Transfer Its Computers in the Lab or Data Center. Organizations and it Professionals Can Benefit Significantly from This Feature in Sitations Where is Important to Place the Window in Aconsistent and Familiari Way Across Many Workstation.

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