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Download Zbrainsoft Dose For Excel 3 – A Feature -Rich Utility that Adds More 100 PowerFul New Function and Features to Microsoft Excel

Zbrainsoft Dose for Excel:

Zbrainsoft Dose For Excel IS A Feature-Rich Add-on-on-Utility for Microsoft Excel that Allows You to Quickly Perform Function Such AS Removing Duplicate Rows and Comprehensive. Zbrainsoft Dose For Excel Has Over 100 New PowerFul Function and Features that Have Added to Excel for Your Convenence.

Dose for Excel features

ZBRAinsoft Dose for Excel Actively Helps You Data Data Management, Easily Customizes The Size of the Excel Workspace, Creates Backups for Important Data What Just Afew Clicks.. . With this Small Add-on, You have a PowerFul Weapon and A Great Companion Working with Excel.

Zbrainsoft Dose for Excel Features

Navigation: IF YOU HAVE Multiple ExcelBooks Open, It Can Be Difficult to Navigate Between Them. This Application Allows You to Quickly and Elegantly Browse Through Workbooks and Get to a Specific Sheet Within the Workbook.

Workspace: Convert the ExcelBook to Full-Screen Mode for Easy Reading; The Ribbon, Status Bar, and Formula Bar Will Be Minimized. Return Workbooks to Their First Visible State Showing Them Again.

Download Zbrainsoft Dose for Excel 3.6 excel

Reading Layout: IF your worksheet containe AMOUNT of DATA with Mance and Columns, This tole Willia Visualize the Data More Easily by Highlight the Columns and Rows in the Selecte.

Row to Column: Displaying a Row with too Many Columns in a New Window with Two Columns, One for Header and the Other for Row Data.

Selection Tool: In Excel, A Selection Tool Facilitates Any Form of Selection.

Select the Range Used: This Tool Allows You to Quickly Select Cells. This Application Will Select All the Ranges Used, REGARDISS of the PRESENCE OF EMPTY CELLS, RES or Columns.

Extend Selection to the Last Row Ussed: Even If theRe Empty Cells Or Rows, You Can Easily Extend The Selection to the Last Row Used.

Extend the Selection to the Last Column Ussed: Even If theRe Empty Cells or Columns, You Can Easily Extend The Last Column Used.

Select Merged Cells: Select a Range of Cells and then Click "Select Merged Cells" To Select All Merged Cells.

Select Row/Column Range: You can quickly Selectual Rows or Columns to a PredEfined Range. For Example, You Can Select 5 Rows EVERY 2.

Select Specific Cells: Select the Cells that Meet the Selected Parameters. You can of the Perform Various Operations on the Selected Cells, Suchi as Delete, Format, ETC.

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