Download Zalo PC 21.12.1

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Download Zalo PC 21 – Free Messaging and Calling Application Works on Mobile Platform and Computers Used in the Country of Vietnam

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Zalo PC:

Zalo . .

Zalo – Messaging, Video Calls, Sending Files Super Fast

Download Zalo PC 21.12.1 zalo

Convenient. With New Features, and this unique Place you canisly share films to fienions, retests, Partners who do not to store man.

Zalo Will Synchronize Contacts Gives You Easily Connect with Those in Your Contact List with The Touch of A Button. Your work Just download zalo ABOUT AND EVERYTHING IS Almost Ready for You. . Now You Can Convengly Text, Call Your Friends for Free Directly On the Version Zalo 2019, Just Sign Up for Zalo, Create An Account and Log in Zalo to Start Chats, Send Messages, Free Video Call.

Zalo’s Features

  • SEND A COMPLETY FREE ZALO MESSAGE from PC to Phone for Your Friends and Loved One, of Yourself Anytime, Anywherere.
  • Extremely Convenent Sending of Phone Messages, Lasting Up To 5 Minutes/Messages.
  • Make Completly Free Video Calls.
  • Free Calls to Colleagues, Relatives and Friends.
  • CRISP Video Quality.
  • Zalo PC Supports Sending Files of Up To 1gb.
  • Create Group Chats for up to 50 PEOPLE.
  • Add Mambers, Delete Mambers Easily.
  • Pin Conversations to the Top of the Group List.
  • Create Grades, Create Notes Quickly.
  • Share Messages in Your Phone.
  • Drag and Drop Convenence Transfer Images.
  • Easy Assignment and Progress Tracking.
  • Name Remembering, Nickname for Friends.

With its unique features, Don ‘Hesitate to Download and Use it.

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