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Download Yeslogic Prince 15 – Software to Convert An Html Document to PDF While Retaining The Entire Css Structure and Style.

Yeslogic Prince:

YESLOGIC Prince IS Software That Converts an Html Document to a PDF Document, While Retaining the Entire CSS Structure and Style. Prince Is An Ideal Ingred for Software-Based Servers, Such AS Web Applications that Need to Print Reports Or Invoits. Using Prince, It is Easy and Fast to Create PDF Files.

Prince Can Alsoi Used by Authors and Publishers to Layout and Print Documents Written in HTML, ORE OF THE MANY XML-BASED Document Formates. Prince Can Format Articles, Academic Journals, and Books.

Features of Yeslogic Prince

PowerFul Interface:

Download YesLogic Prince 15.0 prince
  • Header and Footer
  • The Number of Pages, Double-SideDed Printing
  • Tables, Lists, Columns, Floats
  • Annotations, Cross-References

Web Standards

  • Stacking Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript / ECMASCRIPT

PDF Output

  • Bookmarks, Links, Metadata
  • Encryption and Document Security
  • Embeded and Embed Fonts
  • PDF Attachment

Easy Integration

  • PHP and Ruby On Rails
  • Java Class for the Servlet
  • .Net for C # and ASP
  • Activex / Com for vb6

Fonts Unicode

  • OpenType, Truetype and CFF FONTS
  • Kerning, Ligatures, Small Caps
  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and Others

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