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Download Xlight ftp Server Pro 3 – FTP Server App Running On Windows to Help Users Manage of Clents Simultaneousup

Xlight ftp Server Pro:

Xlight ftp Server Pro IS FTP Server Application Running on Windows to Help Users Manage of Clients Simultaneously, Taking Up Only AmounT of CPU Resources and Computer Memory. This Software Also Has Many Unique Features Such as Total Scheduled Control Over Bandwidth Access Control Rules. Xlight ftp Server Pro IS Designed to Handle Thousle Thutp Clients Simultaneoususly and Use Very Little CPU and Memory.

Xlight ftp Server Pro Allows Users to Transfer Files Using the FTP Protocol Very Quickly and Securyly, Support for Remote FTP Server Administration, 128-bit SSL Secure EncReepting. FTP User Settings Can BE Stored in Active Directory. Users can be authenticated AGainst the LDAP Directory Server. Settings of FTP Users Can Be Stored in the LDAP Directory Server.

Download Xlight FTP Server Pro server

Xlight ftp Server Pro Has the Ability to Run Multiple Virtual Servers on the Same IP Address. Each User Has a Separate Virtual Path from Other Users, and Thefore Will Not Be Visible Or Interfere with Other People’s Virtual Machine. Bandwidth Can Be Controlled At the Server, Group and User Level Or Scheduled on a Time Basis.

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Features of Xlight ftp Server Pro

  • Active Directory Support
  • LDAP Support
  • Store Users in the Database
  • Event Notification Emails
  • Unc Path Impersonation
  • Server Loging and Auditing
  • FTP and Error log
  • Supported Formats Xferlog FTP
  • Storage of the Transfer Log File in the Database
  • Automatic Notification of Events Via E-mail.

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