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Download X -Proxy 6 – Provides the User with the Address of Several Servers to Access The Web Anonymously, Hiding Indentity When Surfing The

Free VPN Proxy to unlock sites Instructions for installation


When Connecting to the Internet, The Computer Is Assigned An IP Address by The Isp (Internet Service Provider). IP Address is a Unique Identification Number. It is to iDentify All Computers and Web Sits, But Canbo Be Used to Access the User’s Internet Communications with All Web sites and/Or Programs Thut Connect to the. .

X Proxy Provides the User with the Address of Saveral Servers to Access The Web Anonymously, Hiding their True Identity by USING A FAKE IP. This Will Help You Avoid Criminal Attacks and Protect Your Personal Data. In Addition, X-Proxy Helps You Access Many Websites Blocked by the Government.

X -Proxy – Fake IP, Anonymous Web Browsing

With List of IP Addresses ProvideDed by Many Countries Around the World, Such AS UK, US, China, Germany, Russia and India,…You can chooose any ip suitable for youurself.

X-Proxy ALSO Allows You to Automatically and Constantly Change the Fake IP Address and the Real IP Address, So that Others Will Not Behold Where You Really Are. This Feature Helps Protect Sensitive and Important Personal Information, Preventing Hackers from Stealing Data. This Software Also Supports Access to Websits Blocked BY Different Countries.

The Features of X-Proxy

  • Surf the Web Anonymously IP
  • Provides IPS from Many Different Countries
  • Constant Switching BetWeen Fake IP and Real IP
  • Prevent Hackers and Protect Personal Information
  • Blocking Site Access
  • Check the Speed of the Internet Connection

What’s New?

  • Fixed a Bug in the Compile Process.
  • X-Proxy Control Has Been Optimized.
  • Enable Hosts Shield Shows The Information Message in 10 Seconds.
  • Shield Server Database Is up to Date.
  • Hijacker Home Page Scan for Database Updates.

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