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Download Wonderfox Document Manager-All-in-One Document Managram Helps You find and manage your doCumbs (Word, Excel, PPT and PDF) =

Wonderfox Document Manager 1.2

Wonderfox Document Manager:

Wonderfox Document Management IS an all-in-on doCument management Program. Can Help Users Manage Daily Office Documents Easily and Convenently. Wonderfox Document Manager Is Not only a File/Document Management Software, But Its Also Also Encryption and PDF Conversion Program. Manager, This Document Caners Protect Important and Private Files/Documents.

Wonderfox Document Manager – Document Management Office

Wonderfox Document Manager Canage and Manage Your Documents (Word, Excel, PPT and PDF) Easily and Convenently. Simply Click The Table of Contents Button and the Ok Ok Ok Button to Confirm it. You get the Full List of Files in the Target Document. The Software’s Search Functions Can Help You Find Your Files Immediatly. With one click you Can download all doll docations in your office and light them in the combo Box Respectively, The Proceded to Copy, Backup, Move Or Delete Them According Taur. For example, you can Download All Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents with A Simple Mouse Click and List them in the Combo of Box of Wonderfox Document Manager.

Wonderfox Document Manager Cancer You Back Up Document Files Easily. You can Back Up Document Files Such as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF with A Simple Mouse Click to Prevent Loss, Modification Or Damage of Documents. With this feature, you caner recover lost fils at AT AT ANY TIME.

Features of Wonderfox Document Manager

  • Management, Backup, Encryption of Document Files
  • Much Easier Document Management
  • Only The Document File from the Drive
  • Custom Folder Structure
  • Backing Up Documents with A Single Mouse Click
  • Encryption / Locking / Hiding Files to Avoid Privacy
  • Documents Exact Search
  • MS Word / Excel / PPT and PDF Support.

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