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Download Winfig 7 – A Vector Graphics Editor for Applications. Format and Export the File as Close as Possible to Xfig as Clipboard, Printer Preview


Winfig IS an Application Vector Graphics Editor. Format and Export the File as Close as Possible to Xfig, But the Program Takes Advantage of Windows Features Such AS Clipboard, Preview, Machin, Print, Multiple Documentes. Winfig Is Baed on the Amiga Program Does My Name Amifig. The Goal is not Just to Copy Or Copy Xfig. I Tried to IMPROVE The User Interface, SO that Experienced Xfig Users Can Realize that Interface is not the Same and Some Things Different Tasks. Management Has Been Modified to Support 2-Button Mouse. I and BTW I Think It COULD USE MORE.

How to download Openal32.DLL for Windows 7. 8. 10 free?

Just Like Xfig, Winfig Has Become Very Popular for Academy Users BecAuse of the Ability to Latex Syntax For Text and To Export to Postscript or Pidf Inte Latse, Sarat Latse, Sarat Latex, Sarat Latex, Sarat Latex, Sarat Latex, Sarat Latex, Orto,. SO, there ARAY OPTIONS FOR PUTTING WINFIG Into The Latex Environment, But of Course it is not Limited to that.

Download WinFIG 7.8 winfig

The Main Features of Winfig

  • Compose Drawings Using Ellipses, Circles, Polygons, Splines, Arrows, Images, Text Objects and Templates
  • DRAW Solid Line, Dotted Line Or Point from Miter, Round or Beveled Concatenation
  • Use color and patterns
  • Manipulate Drawings by Moving Them, Stretching Them, Flipping Them, Alanging Them
  • Create Collages of Objects
  • Arrange Objects in Differes to Control The Order in Which They Overlap
  • Use Grid and Magnet and Constraints for Geometry (And.G. to Create only laterx-accatible lines)
  • Script Interface for JavaScript
  • Export to Box, CGM, DXF, EMF, Epic, GE, GIF, IBMGL, DXF, JPEG, Latex, Map, Metafont, Metaposta, PCX, PDF, Pic, Figex, PNG, PostScript (ENCAPSULATEDE), PPM , PST, Shape, SLD, SVG, TK, TIKZ and MORE
  • Smart Links to Support Diagramming Techniques, I.E. To Create Conneptions Between Nodes.

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