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Download WiFiinfoew 2 – Scans Wireless Networks in Your Area and Displays Data ABOUT THEM, MAC Address, Network Name, Type of Phy


WifiinfoView It Scans The Wireless Networks in Your Area and Displays Related Data, Including: Mac Address, Network Name, Phy Type (802.11 n or 802.11 g), Signal Quality, RSSI, Frequency, Maximum Speed, Company Name, Channel Number, Router Name and Router Model (Only The Router Canide This Information) and More …

Download WifiInfoView 2.77 wifiinfoview

When you choose the wireless network at the top of this program, The Stop Below Shows The Wi-Fi Components Data Collected by This Device, in Hexadecimal Format. .

WifiinfoView – See Data Analysis, Network

The Benefits of WifiinfoView

  • A Wealth of Data on the Network.
  • Data Can Biewed in Many Ways.

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  • For Advanced Users Only.
  • The Design Can BE Improved.

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