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Download Widsmob Avif – Complete Avif Converter to Brows Avifs, Resize Them, Rotate/Tilt Photos, Add Watermarks and More

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Widsmob Avif:

Widsmob avif IS A Full-FeatureD AVIF Converter that Allows You to Browse Avifs, Resize, Rotate/Tilt Images, Add Watermarks, And Convert JPEG/GIF TO AVIF Or Vice VICE VERSA. Offers Both Thumbnail Mode and Full-Screen Mode for Viewing The Next-Generation Image File Format On Windows Or Mac. YOU CAN EASILY CONTROL EVERY FRAME of the AnMATED AVIF.

Provides 4 Different Modes for Resizing Avif in Batch, Such as by Width, By Height, Percentage and Free. ALSO, YOU Canist the Resolution and Zoom in On Smaller Images. IT ALSO Allows You to Rotate and Flip Avifs in A Batch Process, Such AS Rotating Left, Right, 180 Degrees, Vertically Or Horizontally.

Download WidsMob AVIF avif

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Features of widsmob avif

  • Convert JPEG/TIFF/PNG to AVIF Or Animated GIF to AVIF at A Reduced Size.
  • Browse and Manage Avifs in Real Time and Delete Unwanted One.
  • Adds and Customizes The Watermark to Avifs Baed on Different Parameters.
  • Resize Avif by Width, Height, Percentage Or Adjust Resolution in Inches or Pixels.
  • Batch Rotate/Tilt Avifs Left, Right Or 180 Degrees with Ease.
  • Saving Edited Avifs with Minimum or Maximum Quality, Or Enlanging Small Images.
  • Provides a Batch Process to Convert or Vice Versa with A Single Click.

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