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Download Website Block 3 – An Add -on that Allows You to Block The Display of Unwanted Websites in Internet Explorer

Blocking Websites:

Website Block is a Utility that Allows You to Block Unwanted From Being Displayed in Internet Explorer. IF A Site is Blocked, The User Is Forwarded to a Blank Page Or A "Blocked Page" And the Content of the Original Page is not uploaded to the PC. Blocks Banner and Ad Loading, Prevents Children from Spending Hours in Rooms Or Removes Unwanted From Their View. Prevent Children from Accessing Certain Website Content, Such AS ADULT SITES and Games of Chance.

Key features:

  • Free Real-Time Reports
  • Blocks Web Pages of Your Choice.
  • Block Porn sites Blocks Pornographic Content, Blocks Adult Content Based on Keywords in the url.
  • Blocked Websites USSWORD Protection SO that Other Users Cannot Change Settings.
  • Block Websites Allows Saving and Opening Profiles for Blocked Web Pages.
  • Block Site Includes Password-Proteded UninStallation.
  • Block Myspace, Block Facebook, Block Twitter Block Myspace, Block Facebook, Block Twitter and Any Social Networking Site.
  • Website Blocker lets You Reduce Internet Traffic by Blocking Ads and Banner Ads.
  • Keyword Blocking Selective Blocking of Web Pages Based on Keywords Appedaring in the url.
  • Blocks Porn sites, Blocks Adult sites by Typing Unwanded Keywords Found in the Full url.

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