Download VovSoft Hide Files 7.8.0

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Download Vovsoft Hide Files 7 – Software to Secure Files and Folders with Passwords Or to Hide Folders

Vovsoft Hide Files:

Security of Secret Files and Folders. Hide Files is a Utility for Locking Folders. You can encrypt and decrypt Sensitive Documents, Photo Albums, Videos, Emails and Any Kind of Data. Hide Files is a Simple Program that allows you to hide Files or Entire Folders in Order to Keep Them AWAY FROM OTERA Computer Users. The Software Makes Them Compoles Impossible to Visit and Only Allock Them with the Correct Password.

Vovsoft Hide Files – File Protection

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. Hiding and Opening A File Or Folder Is Very Simple: Just Add Them to the List and Click the Lock Or Unlock Button. Please Note that you cannot Import them by Drag and Drop, this of course is a minus.

Untrusted File System

The Program Allows You To Lock Files Or Folders on Your Internal Or External Hard Drive, SSD, USB Drive and Even Memory Card. Works Very Fast, Even Working with Gigabytes of Data. The Application Does Not Provide Other Advanced Features, So Beginners Can Easily Handle All The Sophistication Spells. SO, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AASY Program to Quickly Hide Important Folders that Will Not Allow Users to Access Them Without the Correct Password, It Will Be in Frest Frt.

Features of Hide Files

You Can Password Protect Any File, Secret Or Embarrassing. Hide Files and Folders from Prying Eyes. Set Your Master Password and Lock Your Files. No One Can Access Your Files Without Your Master Password.

Hide Files Supports File System Type NTFS, FAT32 and FAT16 IntERNAL HARD DISK, EXTERNAL HARD DISK, SSD Drive, Memory Card, SD/MMC and USB Flash Diskh. Hidden Files Can Lock and Unlock Gigabytes of Data in Seconds. Hide Files Supports Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer and Supports Recover Lost Passwords. Offline Files Interrupts The Locking Process if there File File Errors, Or Disk Occurs, and Helps You To Lose Important Data. However, You mustist basst up the Files and Folders of Your Importance.

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