Download VovSoft Desktop Diary 1.5

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Download Vovsoft Desktop Diary – A Handy Application for Jotting Down Your Memories and Saving Important Appoints

Download VovSoft Desktop Diary 1.5 desktop

Vovsoft Desktop Diary:

Vovsoft Desktop Diary IS A Handy Vident Application that Allows You To Lock Your Account with A Password, Preventing from Accessing Your Private Data. You can use it jot down your memorials and save Impressionant Appointments. This is a Daily Diary Application for Windows that Allows You to Save Daily Notes on YouR Desktop Or Laptop Computer.

Installation Instructions Wow 4.15.3 Pro RUS for Autocom CDP+ and Delphi DS150E scanner

Vovsoft Desktop Diary Features

  • Easily Write Down Your Memories or Dates
  • The Program Has Multiple Themes and Allows Foring from Any Font Installed on the System, As Well as Changing the Size and Style of the Text.
  • App that Allows You to Create Encrypted Backups
  • Offline Agenda Software, The User Is the only Controller of His Personal Data. No Log Information Is Sent to the Internet Under Any Circumstances.

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