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Download USB Secure 2 – The Software Ensures That The Data Onta Usb Will Be of Absolute Security in Any Case

USB Secure:

USB Secure CAN Password Protect USB Drives. Protection is PC Independent, Does Not Require Installation and Doges Not Receiministrator Rights at the Other End. NEVER WORRY ABOUT YOUR USB DRIVE Being Lost or Stolen If Yu Have Protected it with USB Secure. USB Secure Works with All Types of Portable Media Drives Such as USB Flash, Thumb Drives, Memory Cards, External Drives and Memory Cards.

USB Secure – Password Protection for USB Data

USB Secure Allows You to Password Protect Usb Drives, USB Drives, Memory Cards, Pen Drives, Jump Drives, Flash Drives and External Hard Drives. Supports Plug and Play and Runs Automatically Once a Usb Drive Is Inserte, Asking for the Password for it. USB Secure is No Problem and You Donat NEED to Be A Scientist to Master IT.

USB Secure Is the Most Popular Way to Move Data From this Pc to Other PCS. They Are Small in Size But Can Carry Gigabytes of Data. OUR USB Drives are Easy To Use, Convenent and Affordable, BUT At the Same Time the Also Pose Security Risks and Can Bee Easily Lost, Stolen Or Misplaced. A Secure USB Drive I.E. The USB Drive is Password Proteded Today is Mandatate Because The Data Contains Can Cost Millions of Dollars if Stolen Or Lost Lost Lost.

The Features of Usb Secure

– Password Protection: USB Secure Is a PowerFul Tool for Password Protecting Yoor Usb Drive and All Removable Media, Other External Drives and Memory Cards. IF YOUSE THIS TYPE of EXTERNAL Storage Device, AS A Password Usb Secure Will Protect the Device with Seconds.

– Requires No Administrator Rights: USB Secure Does Not Install Drivers or Kernel Filters and, Therefore, Does Not Require Administrats to Password Protect Usb Drives Removs.

– Compatible EVERYWHERE: Program Works on All Flavors of Windows, E.G. Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7.0. USB Secure Works Perfectly On All Removable, External Media Such ASB Flash Drives, Thumb Drive, Memory Sticks, Memory Cards, Pen Drives and Jump Drives.

– Auto-Detection Features: Supports Full Plug and Play Function that one to automacillas-usb drive and all Orternal Storage Tents in the Contuer Tents in order tents in order.

– Complete USB Security: Any Information, Files, Folders and Documents Placed on a USB Drive, USB Secure Will Fullly Protect Them.

How to Install Usb Secure

– Reliable and Independent: USB Secure Allows You to Protect your USB Drive Data Using A Patent-Pending Class-Proteded Method. This Makes The Protection Independent of PC and Hardware.

– Peace of Mind: Complete Peace of Mind Before Loss of Security and Privacy Breaches. Never Fear What Happened to Your Device While the Device Was Lost.

– Easy-to -use Interface: USB Secure Is Very Easy to Install, Run and Use. Does not complicate users with Technical Jargon Common to Other Encryption Programs.

– Easy To Use: A Very Easy-to -use Program with A User-Friendly Interface.

– Convenent Software: USB Secure is a New Adition to the Collection of PowerFul ReliaBle and Convent Seciation Applications from US. No Need to Spend Hundreds of Dollars to Protect Usb Drives!

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