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Download USB Lockit 3 – Password Lock Usb Drive Helps Protect your USB Drive Photos, Audio, Video and Other Files On USB

USB Lockit:

USB Lockit – Password Locking of the Usb Drive. Protect USB Drives with Photos, Audio, Video and Other Files from Prying Eyes on Android and Windows. When The Drive Is Locked, No One Can Access The Files.

USB Lockit – USB Drive Password Lock

All in 3 Simple Steps:

  • 1. To Lock The USB Drive and Protect All Files, Simply Enter The Pin Code and Click the Lock Button.
  • 2. To unlock the USB Drive and Access All Files, Enter the Pin Code and Click the Unlock Button.
  • 3. To Lock The USB Drive Without Having to Enter a Pin Each Time, Simply Click the Lock Button.

The Features of USB Lockit

When The USB Drive Is Locked, Your Files Remain Safe in All Operating Systems.

Works with All usb Flash Drives and External Hard Drives Formated in Fat32.

Available for Android and Windows PCS.

Download USB Lockit 3.1 lockit

How to Break Usb Password?

Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugueze, Russian, Simplified Chinese.

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