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Download USB Block – Software That Prevents Data Loss to Lock Usb Drive on PC. Prevent Theft and Loss of Files

USB Block:

USB Block IS A Software That Prevents Data Loss to Lock Your USB Drive on your PC. Prevents Theft and Leakage of Important Files, Documents and Source Codes from Devices Such as USB Drives, CDS/DVDS and Computer Network. You can Whitelist the Drives and Related Devices. WhenEver an Unauthorized Device Is Detteded, A Password Prompt is Displayed.

USB BLOCK Allows You to Restrict All Devices from Unauthorized Loss of Your Personal Files. Your PC May Be Full of Photos, Audio, Video, Presentations and Office Files that You Donette Want Anyone to Steal! Fear not, The USB Mass Creed Just for this Purpose. You can only White-list the device must Know The Authorized and Restrict the User Does Not Want to Copy Files to Unauthorized Devices and USB Drives, etc, etc.

Download USB Block 1.8.1 block

USB BLOCK – Protected USB Storage Device

You can list the reliable equipment that you usten. Thus, You can copy data to external usb drive, your Phone, iPhone or android, but Block Other Devices Such as PC Accesses. When it Detects an Unauthorized Device, A Password Prompt Will Ask You to Whitelist the Device Or Delete the Entire Access.

Features Monitoring Hacking Efforts Helps You to Check IF Someone Tried to Enter the USB Lock Using the Incorrect Password. SINCE ONLY YOU KNOW THE PASSWORD, YOU CAN BE ASSURED THAT THE WILL BE No SUCCESSFUL HACKINGSISIS ALL Incorrect Passwords Will Be Logged to Monitor Any Suspicious Activity.

The Features of USB Block

  • Anti-Theft of User’s Secret Files
  • Allows usb Drives and Devices to Be Trusted
  • Authorization / Disallowed Port, Device, Drive
  • Monitor Hacking Attempts and Incorrect Passwords
  • Check the Diary of Any Illegal Activity
  • Preventing Data Loss in the Office and Business

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