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Ultimate Maps Downloader 4 – Detailed Mapping Software Allows You to Download Map Images, Terran Maps and Roads from the Map Server

Ultimate Maps Downloader:

Ultimate Map Downloader IS A Detailed Mapping Software, Which Allows You to Download Map Images, Terrains and Roads from the Map Server. All Downloaded Small Cells Are Saved to Disk and then Combined Into Large Map Image for Offline Use. You can save maps and tiles in different Image Formats. Multiple Download Servers Can Be Selected Down and Zoom Levels at the Same Time. As Far as Road Map Software Goes, Ultimate Maps Downloader Is the Most Comprehece Selection for Your Needs, Mapping Your.

Ultimate Maps Downloader – Download Detailed Map Images

Ultimate Maps Downloader | How to Download High Resolution Image

Features of Ultimate Maps Downloader

Download and Save Images of Small Squares from Different Servers and Combine Them Into a Large Map

Map Servers and Other Types of Maps Are Supported:



OpencyClmap (Transportation)

OpencyClmap (Landscape)


Openstreet 4u

Easily Select the Download On the Map Screen

Selection of Multiple Zoom Levels from 1 to 20. You canisly get a Detailed Map of the City, Its Hometown.

Supported Image Formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF.

Find Locations Based on Coordinates or Name/Address Services, Geocoding Or Search for Nerest Locations and Suggges from Form Foursquare.

Download Ultimate Maps Downloader 4.8.1 download

Add Markers to Selected Locations (With Location Information). More than 600 POI ICONS ARE Included in the Package.

Calculatte The Route on Your Map.

Save The Project Map for Future Use Or Save The Map Images as You Them On the Screen.

Creation of An Esri World File (JGW, TFW) …) For All Boxes and Images Are Download For Use In Professional Mapping Software Such As Global Mapper and Er Mapper

Combined the Car Is Loaded Down Into the Car, The Larger (2×2, 3×3, …)

Creates a Text File with The Coordinates of Each Download Image

Importing and Exporting GPX Files

Measurement Tool

Copy to Clipboard, Print or Export Map View to PDF

Multiple Document Interface (MDI) – A Beautiful User Interface What Multiple Maps Are Displayed Within A Single Window for Parents.

Ready For Use On Windows 8 Tablets with GPS Location Services in Online and Offline Modes.

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