Download Typing Instructor Gold 22 v1.1

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Download Typs Instructor Gold 22 V1 – The Most Advanced Typing Program Available, Allowing Users to Practice Typs in 2 Languages, English and Spanish

Download Typing Instructor Gold 22 v1.1 typing

Typing Instructor Gold:

Typing Instructor Gold IS The Most Advanced Type Program Available (First Release 2019). Typs Instructor Gold Isented Full-Screen and in Vivid Color to Give Typists The Ultimate Typing Instructor Experience. No Other Type Guide Is More Fun and Educational this One.

Download Typing Instructor Gold 22 v1.1 typing

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Each Type Adventure Is So Fun and Motivating that Type ForGet That They Learn to Type. Children Will Progress Through The Adventure by Taking Lessons, Quiz, Typing Challenges and Playing Fun Typing Games, Using the Keys They Are Learning and Working in Th,. Check. It is Available in 2 Languages, English or Spanish.

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Typing Instruction Gold Features

  • Works on Windows 11, 10 and 8
  • Full-Screen, Full-Color Basic Type Wizard
  • Worldwide Adventure Theme Motivates Typists to Learn Typing Or Improve Their Type Skills
  • Teacher Keyboarding Basics in One of 20 Typs National, State and National Common Core Standards.
  • Typists Can Choose English Or Spanish and the Typing Program Best Suited to Their Skill Level.

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