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Bypassing parental control on a PC in the Time Boss Pro program

Time Boss Pro:

Time Boss Pro . Using this Program You Canage The Use of Any Computer by Any User on the Local Windows Network from A Remote PC.

Bypassing parental control on PC

Time Boss Pro Offers Full Control of the Time Boss Remote Control Panel. IF You Want to Manage Time Boss Pro Chur Children’s Computers from the Internet, You can use the smalll freeware time cloud Program for Windows android Cell Phunes.

Features of Time Boss Pro

  • Time Boss Parental Control Software Has a Clear and Easy-to -use Interface. Time Boss Offers The Widest Range of Adjustable Tools with Flexible Settings.
  • YOU CAN RESTRICT PC Administrator Rights for Your Children.
  • YOU CAN EASILY Add More Time Slots or Reduce The Time Remaining.
  • Internet Filtering Blocks Malicious Content on All Websites, Including Those with Secure Communication Protocol -https, and and.G. Google.Com, Facebook.Com and Others. Web Browsers that Support InPrivate and Incognito Modes.
  • You can receive Event Logs and Screenshots of Desktop Activity in Your Email In Real Time. Multi-monitor Support.
  • You can work your windows session with a time boss password. Time Boss’ Default Password is 123.

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