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Download The Earth Centered University Pro 6 – A Control Program in Astronomy and Telescope Has the Ability to Simulate Most Phenomena in the Sky

Download The Earth Centered Universe Pro 6.1G earth

The EarthCentered University Pro:

The Earth-Centered University Pro IS A Program to Control The Telescope, and the Telescope Has the Ability to Simulatte Most Phenomena in the Earth‘s Sky. Designed for the Demanding Requirements of Astronomical Observations, IT ALSO OXTRARORDINARY ACCURACY AS ASTROGRAM TELESCOPES for Astronomers, Divanists, Ory Any Other Otherpers.

Key Features

  • Very Easy To Use
  • It show a colorful display
  • Stars Can be Painted with A Color Based on the Spectral Type of them
  • Deep Skies Arewn in Their Proper Size
  • Advanced Control Limits The Intensity
  • Displays Up To 50 Photos of An Object
  • Addition of Observation Notes on Any Object
  • Measure Angular Distance and Position Angle on the Sky

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