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Download Technocom Android Bulk Sms Sender 10 – An Advanced Bulk Sms Tool To Send Bulk from Many Android Phones Through Your Computer Computer

Android Bulk Sms Sender Software – Send Unlimited Android Bulk SMS!! Android Bulk SMS Sender

Technocom Android Bulk Sms Sender:

Technocom Android Bulk Sms Sender IS an Advanced Mass Sms Sender Tool To Send Mass from Many Android Phones Through Computer at the Same Time. You can Send Thousands of SMS from your your PC THROUGH YOUR Connected Android Phone by Simply Installing the Sms Sender Modem App on android Desktop" On your Phone and Send Android Bulk SMS to PC.Android SMS Sender ACTS AS ADVANCED SMS Marketing Tool with The Help of Which You Expand Your Business and Reach New Heights.

Technocom Android Bulk Sms Sender – Sending Bulk SMS for Android Devices

Android Bulk SMS Sender | How Send Bulk Sms from Multiple Android Phones

With the Goal of Analyzing the Sender of Android Sms Also Maintains a Log File for Sent and Unsent Sms with the Number, The Corresponting Message and the Date the Sms was Sent. SMS Sending Software Requires Only The Pressence of A Sim in the Phone and Does Not Require a Data Connection to work. BULK SMS Sender Supports Multilingual, So Can Send Sms in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalaman, German.

Technocom Android Bulk Sender Program Allows You to Select the Number of Cell Phones from All the Connected One Want To Send Sms to From Your Your. PEOPLE SENDANANCED Android Bulk Sms This Includes Many Features Such AS Delayed SMS, Delete Duplicate Contacts, V. v. Technocom Android Bulk Sender to Send Sms from Your Mobile PC to the Recipient. You can Send SMS to Any Number of Recipents, Which is not Limited or Restricted by the Tool. The Software Sends this sms to Individuals or a List of Phone Numbers at the Click of A Mouse. Technocom Android Bulk Sms Sender Can Windows 7 Vàwindows 10. Has a User Friendly Interface and Requires Only Basic Computer Knowledge.

The Features of Technocom Android Bulk Sms Sender

  • Connect Multiple Android Phones to Send Text Messages.
  • Import Cell Phone Numbers from Files on Your Hard Drive.
  • Compatible with All Android Mobile Devices.
  • You can SEND SMS from All Connected Phones at the Same Time.
  • Includes an Optional Delivery Delay For SMS.
  • Does not regire an Internet connection to Send SMS.
  • Multilingual SMS Support So You Can Send SMS in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic. And Many More

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