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Download Tagspaces 3 – A Personal Data Management Software that Will Help You Easily Organize Your Files in the Tab


Tag Spaces IS A Data Management Software that Will Help You Easily Organize Your Files in the Tab. This Application Allows You to Sort Data (Invoices, Recipes or Photos) In a Similar Way, REGARDESS of the Operating System Used. Tagspaces is a multi utility Platform and Currently Supports All Major Platforms (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Firefox, Android and Chrome). By Using Tags To Sort Files, Tagspaces Allows Projects to Be Managed According to GTD Methodology. This Tool Will Add The Tab To Your File Independently and Transparently. You can also us Drag and drop to tag files.

Tagspaces – Taging, Data Management

Download TagSpaces 3.9.8 tagspaces

Tagspaces (File Organizer)

Tagspaces Willow You To Organize Your Tabs Into Groups Based ON Different themes. This Tool Also Allows You to Apply Smart Card (E.G., Card "Today" IS Added to a File and Automatically The File Is Tagged with The Corresponding Date). YOU CAN ALSO ASSIGN Different Colors to the Tabs, Based on the User’s Priority LEVEL. Tagspaces Allo Allows You to Add or Delete Multiple Tabs at the Same Time. IT ALSO Provides A Number of Options for Managing Files, Such AS Creating, Moving, Renaming Or Deleting Files. You can Also Create a New Subfolder and Sort Files by Size, Name, Extension, Date, ETC., You can Also Group Files by Date of "Latest Modification".

The Features of Tagspaces

  • The Application Supports Adding Tags to Files and Folders, Based on Transpart and Non-Key Vendors, and Can Support Drag and Drop.
  • You can sort Tabs by Theme from the Group, for Example: The Tab Group "Family" Can Contain Tags are the Names of Your Family Members, usesful for taging Photos. In Addition, You Can Specify Different Colors for Your Tabs.
  • The App Supports Searching for Files in the User’s Current Location. A Clear Search for a Particular Tab is Possible.
  • Current Tagspaces Light and Dark Theme Support Cansformed at the Click of A Mouse.
  • Tagspaces Has a Number of Active Directory and File Management Functions Such as Create, Rename, Move and Delete.
  • The Application Can BE Expanded with Vith and Editor Plugins for File Types and Different Perspectives to View Folder Structure.

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