Download Tablacus Explorer 22.9.5

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Download Tablacus Explorer 22 – Open -Source File Manager is Designed to Help You Organize the Contents of Your Folders

Tablacus Explorer:

Tablacus Explorer IS An Open-Source File Manager Designed to Help You Organize the Contents of Your Folders. Tablacus Explorer Has a Very Simple User Interface and Will Immedly Familiarize You with the Program. Folders and Files Can Be Sorted or Grouped by Name, Type, Size and Date of Their Last Modification. The Application Automatically Remambers to Set the Tab If You Close Its and Allows You To Copy Or Moves to Different Locations and Save the Settings to An XML File SOU.

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Tablacus Explorer – File Manager


Tablacus Explorer’s Features

  • Tabbed Interface
  • Support for Add -ons
  • Completly Portable, Requires No Installation
  • Supports Multiple Languages and Unicode
  • Columns: Total Size, Files, Labels
  • Custom Shortcuts, Menus, Keys, Mouse Gestures, Aliasses
  • Open Source
  • 64-bit version (TE64.EXE / X64) and 32-bit (TE32.EXE / X86 Edition) Available

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