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Download SNS-HDR Pro 2-HDR Image Processing Software Helps You Create a Very True-to-Life Image


SNS-HDR Pro Allows You to Create An Image So Honest with What You Feel in Reality. As it is, it has for the very dark and very Bright, The Camera Cannot Capture the Full Range of Brightness IT. TheFore, The Image Will Contain Underexposed or Overexposed Areas, Which Cannot Be Fullly Repaired During Editing. HDR Technique is used to get the Full Brightness of the Scene. Consists of Taking A Number of Images of the Same Scene in Different Exposures and the Combining Them Into A Complete Image.

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SNS -HDR Pro – HDR Photo Editing

Download SNS-HDR Pro sns-hdr

SNS-HDR Pro Software for Image Processing Using the HDR Technique. Allows Users to Create HDR Images from the Sequence of Photos as Procell as Process The images Individually. With a variety of Tools, The Software Has Been Optimized to Make The Images Creed Look Natural.

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The Features of SNS-HDR Pro

  • Reads Images in All Popular Formats.
  • Reading Raw Images, Radance HDR and Openexr.
  • Merge Multiple Images in HDR.
  • Image Processing Menu.
  • Image Alignment.
  • Reduce Ghosting.
  • Unique Image Editing Tools.
  • Being Installed Available.
  • Mask.
  • Saving and Restoring the Project.
  • Save Images in JPEG and TIFF.
  • The Batch Processing Module.

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