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Download Seotools for Excel 9 – SEO Analysis and Optimization Gives You Access to Useful Features whether to work online marketing

Seotools for Excel:

Seotools for Excel IS Software That Prved Access To Useful Features Wön Working with Online Marketing. With Seotools for Excel You Will Easily Analyze and Optimize Seo on Excel Pages, Having Features an as htmlh1, htmltitle and htmlmetadesciion to your pass are set up correret.

BZZE SEOTOOLS for Excel, part 1

Features of Seotools for Excel

  • With the Seotools for Excel Add-on, You have Access to Useful Features Wön Working with Online Marketing. For On-Page Seo Analysis, Features Enclosy Htmlh1, Htmltitle and Htmlmetadesciion are Availble to Check That Your Pages Set Up Correctly.
  • Off-Page SEO ISO Useful When Considering Off-Page Seo Factors. Use Checkbacklink to Check iF your Backlinks are Still Availble and Googlepagerank to Easily Get Pageranks of Multiple urls.
  • Seotools Come with Integrations for Your Favorite Services. Use Integration with Google Analytics to Generate Your Own Automated Kpi Reports or Majestic to Analyze Backlink Profile Profile.
  • Custom Connector USING OUR EASY-T-T-EXH FORMAT to Integrate with ANY API EXTERNAL SERVICE.
  • Seotools Connector To Site Crawler. Simply Provide Spider with A List of urls or Main Url: It Will Take Care of the Rest.
  • Excel is a Valuable Tool for Any Online Marketer, But it Lacks Some Features. Seotools Offers More than 100 Helper Functions Such AS XPathonurn, Regexpfind, Domainage, Spintext and urlpropity.

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