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Download Secure Eraser Pro 6 – Software to Permanently Delete Data in Hard Drive Folder and Data Cannot Be Recovered by Any Software

Secure Eraser Pro:

Secure Deletion IS A Software to Delete Data Permanently on the Hard Disk Folder for The Data Cannot Be Recovered by Any Software. Secure Eraser Is the Software that Completely Deletes The Best Data. Software Has a Simple Interface and Very Small Capace. In Addition, The Software Secure Deletion ALSO Helps to Tidy and Clean Up The System, Preventing Fragmentation of the Hard Drive.

Secure Eraser – Tool To Eras Data Permanently

Secure Deletion Supports 4 Data Deletion Standards (US DOD 5220.22-me, US DOD 5220.22-m ECE, German Standard, Standard, Peter Gutmann), As Well as Overwriting Random Data. Secure Eraser is used the Famous Data Overwriting Method, The Information Is Deleted by the Software Cannot BE Restored Even When Using the Western Software to Recover Data Data.

In Addition to User-Elected Files and Folders, The Program Canbram Clean Up Common Area of the System Such as Temporary Files, Browser Tracles and the Recycle Bin, Using the Same Algorithm To Sece. Secure Eraser Integrates with Windows Explorer For Convenent Folder Access.

Download Secure Eraser Pro 6.001 secure

Hide Your Secrets Forever! – Erasing Data Securely

The Features of Secure Eraser

  • Erase Hard Drive Data Permanently
  • Clean Up and Clean Up the System
  • It Prevents Fragmentation of the Hard Disk.
  • Overwrite Data for Safety
  • Support For Formatting and Partitioning The Hard Drive.

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