Download Restorator 2018 v3.90 Build 1793

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Download Restorator 2018 V3 – Software for Editing Windows Resources in Applications and Their Components, Such AS Files with The Function of .Exe Extension

Download Restorator 2018 v3.90 Build 1793 restorator


Restorer IS an Award-Winning Utility for Modifying Windows Resources in Applications and Their Components; For Example, Files Ending in .EXE, .DLL, .Res, .RC and .DCR, (PE Files and Res Files). Restorator Will Help You Easily Edit, Add Or Remove Resources Such AS Text, Images, ICONS, AUDIO, Video, Versions, Dialog Boxes and Menus in Most Programs.

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This Resource Editor Features an Intuitive User Interface, CompreHance Documentation with Many Examps, and Quick User Support in Discussion Forums Or Via E-Mail Mail.

Restorator features:

  • View and Edit Resources
  • Modification of the Wysiwyg Dialog Box
  • Add Multilingual Support to Your Applications
  • Respatcher Automatic Revisions Release
  • Get Resources in Pe Files from Anywhere on Your Hard Drive
  • Location Elements in a Resource
  • Editing and Updating the Resource File in Use
  • Links to Resource Editing Tools
  • Adding and Removing Resources
  • Command Line Support
  • Extract All the Resources of an Application.

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