Download RegiStar 1.0.10 Build 9675

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Download Registar – Software for Aligning Digital Astrophotographic Images, How to Alter, Rotate, Flip and Distort Astrophotographic Images

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Registar IS a Unique Program that Fully Automates The Mission of Digital Astronomical Imaging. Registar Edits, Rotates, Flips and Distorts When Necessary to Correct The Exact Image, Even If the Images With Differents Or Creed With Differient Systems. Registar Operates on Digital or Film Images, Automatically Removes Noise, Including Hotspots. Registar Can Record All Images in a Folder with A Single Comand and Has Other PowerFul Bulk Processing Capabilites.

Download RegiStar 1.0.10 Build 9675 registar

Registar is an Image-BASED, Or Registered, Program Designed to work specially with Astronomical images. Registar Looks for Stars in An Image and Uses Their Position to Fit The Image to Another Image Or Group of Images.

Features of Registar

  • Registar Doges Not Require Users to Complete Registration Beond The Technical Specifications of the Image. Comparison and Editing Is Done Automatically Without Entering Appropriate Point or Parameter.
  • Registar Includes The Ability to Handle a Few Images Simultaneousupli, In Series. The Entire Image Directory can be registered with A Single Order, and a Number of Offher Commands Can de Handle Multiple Images as.
  • Registar Also Includes a Set of Tools for Assembling and Manipulating Images After They Have Been Recorded. Thyse Tools Are Specificylly Designed to Automate Tasks Offormed by Digital Astronomical Cameras, Such As Creating A Jigsaw Puzzle, Creating Three-Color Images, and Stacking Patterns, and Stacking Patterns.
  • TIFF, JPEG and FITS IMAGES ARE SUPPorted. Registar Supports 8- and 16-bit depth Internet, But Reads Fits Images with A Greater Depth.
  • Registar is not an iMage editing program. It is designed to record and assembly images, and Except the Ability to Edit this Into Another Image, Without Any Comand to Adjust BrightNess Or Contrast, Remove Bug Or Imit.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System Supported: Windows 7/8/10
  • Empty Disk Volume: 100 Mb OR MORE.

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