Download QILING Disk Master Server 6.5

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Download Qiling Disk Master Server 6 – Supports Backup, Restore, Data Along with Many Advanced Features that Help Protect Secure Data on Servers

Qiling Disk Master Server:

Qiling Disk Master Server Support, Backup, Data Recovery, AS Well as Many Other Interesting Features. Qiling Disk Master Server Data Recovery Reliable and Advanced Backup for Desktops and Laptops in Homes and Businesses. Allows The User to Perform the Service Backup Operation and Back up the Entire System/Diffference/Increase EVERYTHING FOR YOUR SERVER.

Qiling Disk Master Server Support To Recover Completly, The Content Is Not Deformed Compared to the Document, Original File. Data Quality from this drive Is Moved to Another Drive Extremely Fast.

Features of Qiling Disk Master Server

Ram Disk:

  • Saving Data to a Ram Disk in a File.
  • A Key to Put the Temporary Directory On a Ram Disk.
  • When The System Starts Up, The Application Automaticillally Loads The Ram Disk.

Virtual Disk (Disk Security)

  • Password Protection – USES AES 256-bit Encryption Technology.
  • DEDUPLICATION – Reduce an Image File.
  • Split – Disk Image with Split File.
  • Formatting – Automatically Create Partitions and Format.
  • Support for Areas Larger than 512 bytes.
  • Simulator Hard Disk Up To 4 Tb.

Qiling Disk Master Free – Back Up Data and Manage Hard Drives – Download Video Previews

Disk Backup

  • Flexibly Choose The Entire Hard Drive or Separate Partition for Backup, Including the Disk.
Download QILING Disk Master Server 6.5 disk

Restore The Computer’s File and Program System to Its Previous State EVERYTHING IS Working Normallly.

You can Back Up Specific Files, Folders Or File Types, Including Documents, Photos, Music, E-Mail, Apps, Videos and Financial Files, ETC. With Full Backup InCremental Backup Differential Backup Scheduled Backup.

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