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Download Picture to Painting Converter 3 – Software Helps Turn Photos Into Drawings, No More NEED To LEARN Photoshop

Picture to Painting Converter:

Picture Converter to Paintings IS Software That Helps Turn Photos Into Drawings, You No Longer Need To Learn Photoshop for this, Now You have a Simple Tool that in Your Hand. This Tool Has Default and Configuration Settings for Three Types of Painting: Oil, Watercolor and Impression. Althrow You Can Choose from a Few Configurations Provided, You Can Make Additional Changes to the Presets If You Wish, of Course.

The Installation Utility docks Not Take Much Time. Whether you get to the main Window, you can start by importing a Photo, Choose the Photo You Want to Edit and Continue. Can work with Formats Such as JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ICO, TIF, TGA, PSD, PCX and WMF. You Can Easily View, Select and Edit Pressets. Installation Various Configuctions are Available for Each Drawing Style. For Example, When It Comes to Oil Painting, You can make a different Brush Shape for Light Intense, Intensity, Detail, Micro and Other Parameters.

This Incredible Oil Paint Photoshop Action is 900MB!

Picture to Painting Converter – Convert Photos to Paintings

Download Picture to Painting Converter 3.1 painting

IF YOU HAVE A FEW PhotOS to CONVERT, You Can RUN THEM AT the SAME TIME. Simply Upload Photos in Batch Mode and Perform the Conversion. You will get your Photos with Effects Applied and They Will Look Amazingly Like the Paintings You See in Art Galleries. Print them Out and Hang Them on the Wall and You Will Also Have Separate Galleries!

Features of Picture to Painting Converter

  • Turns Your Photo Into A Painting
  • You are trialing to turn a Photo into a pance, but asking someone to dRava it for you seems a Little too Complicated? No Need to Search for An Artist and Order Expensive Artwork. Chic Oil Painting Can Be Made with Your Own Hands, Without Any Kind of Help. You can make your phone almost Identical to the Realest Possible Painting, All in a Few Clicks and A Few Slider Adjustment Using Image to Convert War.
  • The Program Imitates the Three Types of Painting Styles: Oil, WaterColor and Impressionism. Each Presset Configuration Is Automatic, But Canso Be Adjusted On the Go. All Parameters Cange Create The Most Impressive Results.
  • Using the Program to Create a Photo Looks Like a Painting is Very Easy, Intuitive and Takes 10 Seconds to Learn. Just Upload the Photos, Select the Presset and Click Run. Look at the Transformations that Will Amaze You! IF the is someting you need to Change, You can Always Go Back and Try AGain with the Avalable Installation Orphere Settings.
  • The Drawing Effect on Images is Achieved with the Help of the Algorithm That Exactly Imitates the Contours of the Palm of the Hand and Turight Lines of a Simple Photo’s.
  • Use Many Different Effects for Your Photos
  • It is assy to Create Someting Magical from A Simple Photo When You have a number of Pressets and Endless Possibilites to Move the Slider Around. The Result Will Be Different EVERY TIME and YOU CAN Invent YOUR OWN WAYS To CREATE THE MOSTITIFUL Photos According to Your Prefeerences.
  • In Addition to Oil Paints, You can try color color effect Makes Even The Most Boring Also Become Interesting (Especially Abstract Setting).
  • Put The First Impression Will Make Your Photo Like It Was Painted by Monet or Renoir, With The Subtle and Light Brush Strokes, Create Motion Effects for Your Your Photos.
  • Convert Photos to Drawings in Batch Mode

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