Download Orca3D v2.0 (20210802) for Rhino 6

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Download Orca3d V2 – Software Streamlines Design Work with A PowerFul Suite of Applications Running in a Rhino 3D Environment

Orca3d Units, Orientation, and Rhino Template File

Table of Contents:

Download Orca3D v2.0 (20210802) for Rhino 6 orca3d


Orca3d Optimize Your Design Work with a PowerFul Suite of Application. Concepts, Modeling and Analysis, All Without Transferring Files or New Program. Building and Surface Fair Surfaces, Bridges, and Supertructures, Hydrostatic Analysis and Stability, Predicting Speed Versus Horseder, Monitoring Weight, Attends, And Designed CoS, ANLLLS. By Itself, Rhino is an extremely PowerFul Design Tool; When You Add Orca3d’s Dedicated Navigation Tools, IT Becomes The Most Efficent and Cost-Effective Design Program Avalable.

Features of Orca3d

  • Integrity of Hydrostatic Calculation Is Achieved with a Single Click by Analyzing the Integry of the Design and Drops The Design on a Particular Disclaclacement and Focus. Monitor Downloads as the Metal Works.
  • Start Your Design by Entering Parameters Into Hull Assistant, Visualizing the Shape and Hydrostatic Properties that Change in Real Time. Hull Shape Fit, USING TOOLS SUCH AS Real-Time Visualization of Parts (Ends, Buttocks, Water Lines), Front Foot Control, and Flight Plan Correction.
  • Presscribe Drag and Design Speed, Use Savitsky Analysis to Shell The Ship or Holtrop Analysis for Sip Displaceement.
  • Assign Weight and Cost Properties to Model Objects. Update Total Weight, Concentration, and Cost When You Change the Model.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System Is Supported: Windows (64 Bit)
  • Rhino 6
  • Full Disk Space: 300 Mb or More.

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