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Download Nucleon Bi Studio 12 – A PowerFul and Innovative Software for Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Mining and More.

Nucleon Bi Studio:

Nucleon Bi Studio IS A PowerFul and Innov. Using Nucleon Bi Studio, You Can Easily Connect to Ansy Data Source, Analyze and Visualize It using the Available Business Intelligence Modules and Features.

Database System, Apache Cassandra, Redis, Esri Geodb (SDE, Personal and Filegdb), MS Access.

, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google BigQuery for Data Connection.

Download Nucleon BI Studio Studio

Features of Nucleon Bi Studio (Original):

Multiple Database Connections

Data Source Explorer: View and Export Tables, Views or Collections.

Data Sets: SQL and Json Query Creation for Data Source

Reports: Advanced Report Designer and Viewer

Graphs: Chart Designer and Viewer

Web Visualization: Web Page Designer and Viewer with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Dashboards: Dashboard Designer and Viewer

Web Dashboards: Web-Based Dashboard Design and Visualization

Cross Tables: Design and Visualization of Cross Tables (Pivot)

Power Views: Custom Data Design and Visualization

Data Search: Advanced Search and Data Mining

Scripting: Advanced .NET-BASED C# Scripting with Linq Support

Atomic: .NET-BASED MAPReduce Structure and Calculation

Ad hoc queries: sql and jql query editor with .Net Extensions

R Statistics: R Software for Statistics

Data Visualization: Text, Graph, Image and Web Visualization

Data Export: Export Data To XML, CSV, CSV2, HTML, HTML5, MS Excel, MS Word, OpenOffice, PDF, XPS, JSON, SQLITE, MS Access FORMAS

Data Import: Import of SQL, CSV and XML Data, Import of Data from Other Database Systems

Data Package: Export/Import of Data Packages

Data Visualization: Data Table, Tree, XML, JSON and HTML Visualization

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