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Download Notepro 4 – A Fast, Lightweight Word Processor That Supports Formatting Rich Text, Tables, Styles, Bookmarks, Images


NOTEPRO IS A Fast and Lightweight Word Processor, But Not to PowerFul For Increased Productivity. Supports The Format of Different Text, Tables, Diagrams, Pages, Images and Shapes, Descriptions of Descriptions, Small Split Views and Mobility.

Download NotePro 4.73 Portable download

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Notepro Handles Standard Text Files, Co-Creating and Saving Files in Multi-Format Text Format, Word and Docx Documentation, Adobe PDF, Windows Write and HTML USTHE Microsoft Word Word A. You can opeen multiple doCumbs at the same time and split the docto two Parts.

Options Include Complete Control Over Text Appe. Control Font Size and Properties While Using Text Color, Including Background. Quickly Increase Or Decrease Text Size, Add Hyper-Level Text Or Lower Table of Contents, Edit Front Page and Footer. Create A List that is numbered or marked the head of the line, insert the iMage and Mark Up.

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NOTEPRO IS Easy To Use and Offers Many Features. In a Fairly Small Package, It Combines Almost All of the Most Commonly Used Functions of a Word Processor Withouse to Learn How to Use Them; In Fact, IF You A Regular Word Processor, You Might Consider Using Notepro to Replace Multiple Documents.

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