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Download Notecase Pro 4 – Note Management Software to Quickly Collect, Organize, Protect, Access and Recycle Information

Download NoteCase Pro 4.6.9 notecase


NOTECASE Pro IS A Program that Supports Cross-Platform Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris,… Servers to Quickly Collect, Organize, Protect, Access, and Recycle Information. NOTECASE PRO CAN IMPORT DATA from Over 30 Different File Formats, Including Evernote, XMind, Treepad and Tomboy Formats. Allows You to Quickly Migrate Data from Other Programs.

Keyboard for iPad – Logitech Combo Touch ⌨️

In Addition, For Advanced Users, It is Possible to Extend the Feature Set of Notecase Pro Using Plugins, Or Even Write Your Own Plugin with the Easy-To-Lua Scripting Languugu. YOU CAN ALSO DYNAMILLY AUTOMATE NOTECASE Pro USING SIMPLE LUA Scrips and HUNDREDS OF NOTECASE Pro API Commands.

Keyboard for iPad – Logitech Combo Touch ⌨️

Features of Notecase Pro

  • Supports Very Rich Input Formats.
  • Cross-Platform Desktop Version.
  • Multilingual User Interface.
  • Spell Checking Available.
  • Tag Notes to Enables More Effect Search or Filtering of Content.
  • Support for Printing Notecase Pro Content on Paper, The Entire Document, Just a Branch Or A Note.
  • Support for plugins.
  • Rich Text Modification.
  • Audio Notes.

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