Download nomacs 3.16 / 3.17.2 Beta

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Download and Setup 16s Silva Database for Kraken Classification


Nomacs IS An Image Viewer that Supports All Popular Image Formats and Many Raw Formats and Files .Sheet (Photoshop). Viewer Provides a Custom Screen that Can Run Full Screen and Not Be Distracting Or Have An Advent Averlay to Display Meta-Data, Chart Notes, Photos, and Other Details. NOMACS ALSO Includes PreViews of the Files in the Current Folder, As Well as the File Explorer to Navigate Between Folders.

Download nomacs 3.16 / 3.17.2 Beta nomacs

In Addition, Nomacs Also Provides a Synchronization Function that Allows You to Synchronize the Display of the Current Image Nomac Version on the Same Network. Other Features Include the Ability to Adjust the Base Image (Color, Brightness, Color, etc.) and the ability to adjust the image’s color, Brightness, Color, etc.).), Batch Processing, Mosaic Image Creation, Built-in Google Maps (For Images with GPS Tags), Plug-in Support, ETC.

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