Download NI AWR Design Environment 22.1 (17.01r Build 17442 Rev2)

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Download Ni Awr Design Environment 22 – Specialized Telecommunications Company Software Suitable for Engineers, Students in Electronics and Telecommunications Industry

Ni AWR Design Environment:

Ni AWR Design Environment IS One of Telecommunications Company’s Specialized Software, Sitable for Engineers, Electronics and Telecommunications Students, and Anyone Working. RF and Microwave Arrea. PowerFul Tools Are Fully Integrated into The Awr Design Environment, Making it Impossible to Leave the Appling to Be Used During Operations. VSS Program Allows You to Design End-to-End Communication Systems. In this Secation, You can design systems that includes modulated simnals.

This Security Allows You to Design and Analyze Telecommunication Systems, Channel Blocks, Coding Schemes, and Simulatte Them Use VSS Searchs and Transmitters. The VSS Tuner Has Time to Adjust The Layout and Immeded Sees The Effect of Changes. 3D PLANAR Electromagnetic (EM) Analysis: This Tool Allows Users to Easily Analyze, Optimize and Characterize Passive Component Departments South as RF PCIC, MMILA, MMILE, MMILE, MMILE, MMILE, MMILE, MMILA, MMILE, MMILE, MMILE, MMILE, MMILA, MMIL. Using this Secation Will Reduce the Time Spent ON Design.

Electromagnetic (EM) 3D Fem Analyzer: Using this Tool, Users Canep Designs Draw Other Tools in 3D and, Optimize and Modify the Design OF DEVICE CIRCUITS And OURCUITS.

Features of Ni Aw Design Environment

  • No Need to Leave the Main Program Environment
  • Designing a Power Amplifier (RF Power Amplifier)
  • Design and Analysis of end-to-end community systems
  • Oscillator Design
  • RF and High-Frequency Circuit Design and Simulation.
Download NI AWR Design Environment 22.1 (17.01r Build 17442 Rev2) Design

System Requirements:

Download NI AWR Design Environment 22.1 (17.01r Build 17442 Rev2) Design
  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, 11 (64 bit)
  • RAM: 4 GB minimum (8 Gb or More Recommeded)
  • Free Disk Space: 2 Gb or More for Installation.

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