Download ModelPort 3.1.0 for ArchiCAD 23/24/25/26

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Download ModelPort 3 – Free The Archicad Object, The Program Includes More than 80 New Features, Enhances and Updates for ArchiCaad


Modelport IS A Program that Includes More than 80 New Features, Enhancements and Updates for ArchiCad. Not only Caners Import, Edit and Change Settings for a Variety of Objects Such as Obj, FBX, DAE, Revit and Sketchup, BUTH THIS NEW CAN Join ADINTAGE OF HIGUH-REPHANTAGE OF. Expanded and Improved Environment.

Download ModelPort 3.1.0 for ArchiCAD 23/24/25/26 modelport

Modelport Features

  • Visualize Materials with Precise Details
  • Enhanced Image Quality on High-ReSolution Screens
  • Speeds Up Work on Objects with High Polygons
  • Managing Multiple Templates for Simultaneous Editing
  • Massive Import to Save Time When Converting Third-Party Templates
  • Expanded Input Formats Compared to Archicad‘s Default Options
  • Preview Third-Party Models Before Importing
  • Edim Models Imported from Obj, FBX, DAE, Revit, Sketchup, IFC and More
  • Cleans Up 2D ICONS and 3D Graphics of Imported Objects
  • Add Textures and Change Materials to Any Imported Surface
  • Deleting Selected Meshes and Elements in Modelport Editor
  • Reduce The Number of Polygons File Size of Imported Objects and Templates

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