Download Memtest86 Pro 10.2 Build 1000

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Download Memtest86 Pro 10 – Software to Test Free Ram Memory In Your Computer to Detect Latent Defects Within the Memory.

Memtest86 Pro:

Memtest86 Pro IS Software that Checks Free Ram Memory in the Computer to Detect Latent Error Within the Memory. Anyone Who Knows that Ram is a Very Important Part of the Computer. IF RAM is an error that is not resolved Soon, The Computer Will Suffer Greatly. TheFore, Memtest86 Pro is the Necessary Software for Your Computer System.

#128073; Memtest86+ USB preparation, RAM test, the best test !

Memtest86 Pro – Check Ram Memory

Features of Memtest86 Pro

  • 13 Algorithm to Check Ram
  • DDR4 RAM Support (and DDR2 DDR3)
  • XMP – High -Performance Configuration Memory
  • UEFI – Standard Graphics for the New Bios
  • 64 Bit – As of Version 5, Memtest86 is 64 -bit Original Code
  • RAM ECC – Ram Support Code Corrections
  • Security Boots – with Memtest86 Which Is Code Signed by Microsoft
  • Graphical Interface, Mouse Support, and Loging of Results to Disk
  • Support Foreign Languages (English, Chinese, German and Others)
  • Boot USB Or CD Without Dos, Linux or Windows
  • Network Booting (PXE) – Provides Scalable Booting, No Need for Disk A PXe Server Only
  • Dual Booting – Starts in V4 in Bios and V7 in UEFI from A Flash Drive Menu

New Features Added in "Memtest86" Pro 8.1 Build 1000

  • Added Version Information and Total Number of CPU Streams to Check The Summary Screen
  • Increase The Number of Maximum CPU Streams Up To 256
  • Added Color Text to Error Message in Verification Process
  • Added Mac Mini 2018 to Blacklist, Set a Default Limit Address of Less than 0x1000
  • Fixed Detection of Hyper-Threading When The Number of CPU Streameds The Maximum Limit
  • Modified Incorrect Jedec Manufacturr Name (Bank 10)
  • Fixed Part Number/Serial Number, Ram Missing from Smbios in HTML Report
  • Fixed Channel Number/Position IS Incorrect for ECC Error on Skylake-SP Chipset
  • Fixed Error in the Indicated Number of Times to Check for the Free Version

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