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Download Maxlauncher – A Simple Tab Launch Process Designed To Reduce the Time To Find and Run The Program


MaxLauncher IS A Process Launched from a Simple Tab Designed To Reduce Program Search and Execution Time. Has the Ability to Create Multiple Data Files, Each File Can Have A Maximum of 10 Tabs. Each Tab and Button Is Assigned a Key (And.G. F1-F10, 0-9, A-Z, ETC.) Based on the Current Keyboard. Just Press the Hotkey (Example: Ctrl + `) To Activate the Program, then Press the Key Corresponting to the Program You Want to Run. MaxLauncher is a Redesign of Madapplauncher . SOME KEY Features have been Added, Such as the Ability to Delete Tabs, Support for Themes, and Mobile Use.

Free MaxLauncher for Productivity

MaxLauncher – Accelerated Launch Program

Download MaxLauncher 1.31.0 maxlauncher

Free MaxLauncher for Productivity

The Features of Maxlauncher

  • The Ability to Launch An Item (For Example: Program, Folder or Command) In Two or Timee Times by Pressing the Button
  • Favorites Bar with 10 configurable Buttons, Each Button Corresponting to F1-F10 Keys
  • Creating Up To Ten Tabs. Each Tab Consists of 30 Configurable Buttons for a Total of 300. The Button Can Be Configured for Each File (*) .MLD). Each Tab Corresponds to the Number 1-0, and the Buttons on Each Tab Correspond to the Letters/Symbols Below The Number Keys
  • The Data Is Contained in a Text File (* .Billion) in XML Format
  • Multiple Files (*) .MLD) can be CREATED FOR CATEGORY GROUP (E.G., Work, Home, án1, ETC.) Which can be used to create the.).). Simply Assign the * .MLD for A Download Button.
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • International Keyboard Layout Support
  • Hotkeys Can Be Configured to Start the Program
  • Options to Change the Size and Position of the Program’s Initial Window
  • The Ability to Run Multiple Instances
  • The Ability to Run in Mobile Mode (E.G., on a USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive)
  • Supports Custom Themes
  • Running on 32- and 64-bit versions
  • Custom Window Size
  • Custom Application Icon
  • Read-only Mode
  • Multiple Startup
  • Customization Theme users
  • Basic Multi-Screen Support

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