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How to use MALTEGO in Kali Linux? Download IT Detective tool


Bad Weather IS A Graphical Linkage Analysis Tool (Osint), and Open Intelligence Sources to Collect and Link Information for Task Investigation. MALTEGO AlReady Integrates Data From Public Sources (Osint), Commercial Vendors and Internet Sources Through Maltego Transform Hub. All Data Are Packaged Wen Transforms Are Ready to Be Used in the Survey. In Addition, Variation is the Core Element that Allows Its Users to Unleash The Full Potential of the Software While Using Point and Click Logic to Performa Analysis.

MALTEGO‘s features

  • Easily Gather Information from Different Data Sources.
  • Automatically Link and Combine All Information Into a Graph.
  • Visually Explore the Relationships Between Data.
  • Integration of Data from Public Sources (Osint), Commercial Vendors, and Internal Sources Through The Maltego Conversion Center
  • Variant is the Small Code Snippet That Automatically Retrieves Data From The Different Sources and Returns The Form of Entities Visually in the Table Hosts.

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