Download Lumenzia 11.3.2 Win / macOS

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Windows and MacOS at the same time, easy and free !

Download Lumenzia 11 – Edit the Landscape Image with Strengthening Or Softening Color Saturation to Make More Beautiful.

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Lumenzia O (Brightness Masking Panel) IS A Software Integrated into Photoshop as an Extension. Helps to Change the Landscape Image by Strengthening Or Reducing Color Saturation, Making the Photo More Beautiful. Lumenzia 9 is the Biggest Update Ever, With More than 150 New Features. However, it Has no Changes in the Interface with Previous Versions. Because of this, The User Can Easily Experiment with The Functions Withut Any Difficulty.

With lumenzia, you get a preview of the entire Mask Screen Before Applying It. Intection Clicks on the Image to Choose (Or Exclude) Color/Color Tons at the Desired Level. An Interview with the Plus and Minus Channel is not Required. ISOLATE THE MASK WITH SPECIC SECTIONS OF THE IMAGE with A Simple Selection. And you can combine the Team Mask to Easily See the Overall Impact of the Mask.

Lumenzia Offers a Compact Panel with Abtons You Need and Completly Remoles The Need for the Channel Palette. Simply Draw The Selection area Around the Target Area To Create The Texture Size, Sharmness or Any Position in the Image. Texture Can BE Easily Changed, Inverted (to Brighten The Central Area) Or Combined with Increased Brightness (To avoid Excessive Darkness).

Download Lumenzia 11.3.2 Win / macOS lumenzia

Lumenzia’s features

  • The Work Process Is Completly Simplified and the Mask Is Fully Customized
  • Blendif Mask and Vector Mask (To Save The Considerable File Capacy and Avoid Mask Update)
  • Add, Except or Cut Any Selected Mask Or Area For Advanced Control
  • Color Mask (Selecting Color and/Or Brightness, Visually)
  • Increase the Intensity of Local Contrast (Easily and Automatically Renders More Details)
  • Direct Mask (See Result of Blending and Testing Different Masks)
  • Area Mask for Correctable Accuracy
  • Area Selection The Scope and Range (Select a Mask That Visually Fits)
  • Area Map to Display The Image in Areas 0-10.
  • The Mask is "Brighter/Darker" (Selecting Pixels Versus Surrounding Pixels)
  • Custom Mask for Positions or Colors in the Image
  • Custom Painting
  • Blurred and Writable
  • Storm Mask (Which Controls a Particular Color Saturation)
  • Apply Or Replace Mask on Existing Layers with A Single Click
  • Light and Dust Imaging Tools for Finding and Correcting with Ease. Perspective
  • Advanced Hue Method for Portrait (To Blur The Surface) and Landscape (Overlay)
  • Actions Can Be Registered to Include Light and Dark/Chosen Masks in Your Actions.
  • The Training and Support Video As Well as the Complete User Guide.

System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Disk Space: 100 Mb or More
  • Photoshop CS6-CC 2019 + On Windows and OSX (CC 2019 Or Higher Recommoded).

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