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Download Losslessescut 3 – The Video Editor To Cut and Crop Lossless Video and Quickly Create Video On -Demand


Losslesscut IS The Video Editor To Crop and Trim Videos Without Loss of Quality. Just download the video File and Use The Seal Cutter to Start/Stop Only The Part You Want To Cut. By Clicking on the Crop Icon, The Highlighted Part Will Be Exported to the New Video File Without Decoding Ormoding. Lossless Cutting USing FFMPEG (Included) To Carry All the Heavy Material.

Losslesscut – Cut and Edit Video

Losslesscut is based on chromium and uses The Html5 Video Player, So Not All Formats Are Supported by Ffmpeg. The Following Format/Codec Usually Works: MP4, MOV, Webm, MKV, OGG, WAV, MP3, AAC, H264, Thera, VP8, VP9,…

Original Video Files Will Not Be Edited. Inst, it Creed a do not love data in the Same Folder as the Original Files Firm / To TimeStamp. Note Thats does Not Occur Exactly Around the Cut Point, So Previous/Next Video of the Nerest Keyframe Will Be Lost. Exif Data Is Retained.


  • DRAG and Drop The Video File Into the Player to Download it is use ⌘ / ctrl + o.
  • Press Space to Play/Pace
  • Select the Start Time and End Time of the Cut
  • Press The Drag Button To Cut
  • Press The Camera Button to Take Photos Faster

How to quickly delete unnecessary with video without converting – Losslesscut!

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Space, K Play/Pace
  • J Slow Down The Video
  • Video Acceleration
  • ← Search Backward by 1 Second
  • → Look Ahead 1 Second
  • . (Stage) Small look Ahead
  • , (Commma) Lowercase Backward Search
  • I Tick/Cut Starting Point
  • Or Score/Cut the End Point
  • Option and (in the Same Folder as the Video)
  • C Take A Quick Picture (in the Same Folder as The Video)

New Features

  • Automatic Segment (Trash) Deletion During Auto -merge
  • BUMP FFMPEG Version
  • Remove Linux 32 Bit Build Due to Static Is No Longer Offered
  • Security Fixes for NPM Packages
  • Allows Output of Custom Dir to Merge and Extract
  • Try Changing the Stream to Extract (Ignore Unidentified Threading)

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